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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Melons Grow Vertically and Look Beautiful


This crenshaw melon plant is enjoying its vertical support with nylon netting and inexpensive electrical conduit.  This frame by is supported and fitted over 2' long  rebar pounded in the ground on either side of the box. There are several advantages to growing this way. It really saves on space! A melon like this can sprawl over several feet in the traditional garden plot. The plant leaves receive more sunlight because of growing at a different angle. The plant will also be safe from being damaged by ground insects, footsteps and lawn mowing.


In this photo you can see the fruit beginning to grow. You may ask,"How can that climbing plant hold the weight of a big melon?" Mother Nature has made arrangements! You can observe the plant vines actually thicken as the fruit grows heavier. Mel says that the crenshaw melon is one of his favorites and I have to say I agree with him. It is similar to a cantelope by much larger, juicier and sweeter. I plant them every year and don't even bother with the cantelopes now!


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