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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Portable Garden

Here is a photo of my garden layout that I took about 3 years ago. It got plenty of sun at this time and the boxes were retaining their nutrients well for optimal vegetable growth.

This photo was taken today. As you can see the red maple tree nearby has gotten very large. It now shades my garden area too much during the day.  I found that the trees roots were also find their way into my garden beds and using nutrients meant for my vegetables. I decided it was time to relocate these boxes to a sunnier spot away from the tree.  Luckily I have a good space on the south side of my house.

It's a pretty simple process to move the gardens. This photo shows the soil still intact after lifting the box right off. I do that first and place the box in the new spot. Then I fill the wheelbarrow with the Mels Mix soil and take it to the new location and dump it in the box. Mels Mix can be used year after year and only needs to be replenished with 1/3 compost each season. I even tried to reuse weed cloth or landscape fabric  that I had down here if it was still intact and of course put that down before the box. The brand of weed cloth I bought from Costco was in very good shape and worked fine. I will shovel up the bark chips too to place in the aisles of my new setting.

Here's the new location in process.  See the little volunteer apple tree between the boxes? I'm going to let it grow a while there then transplant it somewhere else.

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