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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Successfully Making Mels Mix

Have you made your own Mel’s Mix? Was it successful for you? Here are some tips to help ensure your garden thrives in Mel’s Mix. 1. Use a variety of composts! Some of Mels’ favorites are blood and bone meal. Try to include dairy and poultry manures, fine mulch and worm castings. The 1/3 compost ingredient holds the nutrients portion for your plants to grow on. Don’t skimp here, and the more the better! 2. Moisten Mels Mix well as you pour it into your box. This gives your seeds and starts a good moist foundation for the season. Mel’s Mix is easy and fun to make but sometimes the resources may not be available in your area. You may be hesitant to spend the money and do the guesswork to make your own Mel's Mix. If this is the case, we have shipped an entire truckload of the official pre made,bagged soil to Utah! Mel’s Mix is available in Pleasant Grove. Visit 1075 N 1300 W Monday-Saturday 9-5 or Call/Text 801-427-0563

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