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Friday, August 10, 2012

Picking Corn for Dinner

My corn has done pretty well this year with very few insects bothering it. I haven't treated it with any pest control remedies but I have heard of dropping mineral oil on the silks to keep out earwigs.  I like to grow corn every year and if it doesn't turn out too good for my dinner table, the chickens will always enjoy it.  Corn needs to pollinate itself so  I plant an entire 4x4 box full and it will fit a whopping 64 plants(4 per square).

 Corn likes to be watered often and consistently.  I never got my drip system in this box so I have been placing a soaker sprinkler in the center of it for 15 minutes every other day. I rarely use sprinklers in my gardens but I figure its okay as it never gets above the low branches and seems to wet the whole box down well.

 Its time to pick your corn when the silks at the top of the cob is dark brown.  Here is a short video that explains it exactly   http://video.about.com/smallfarm/How-to-Pick-Sweet-Corn.htm
I also found a video that teaches a great trick to getting to your corn without the mess of shucking it! I tried it and it works really well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnBF6bv4Oe4
Luckily, this variety of sweet corn that I planted has been very tasty and true to its name !

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