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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

How to Make Your Own Professional Growing Soil: Mels' Mix

The Square Foot Gardening method allows you to grow your vegetables in just 6" of soil, a special soil that we put together ourselves. It is called Mel's Mix and we can compare it to a professional growing medium like the garden centers use to grow their seeds and starts. We use three ingredients:
Peat Moss, Coarse Vermiculite and Blended Compost
Mels Mix consists of these 3 ingredients
The blended compost is the most important as it contains the nutrients needed for robust garden growth. We need to obtain at least five different types for this blend. If you are purchasing composts, look for a fine wood mulch or forest humus, worm castings, dairy and poultry manures, bone and blood meal, potting and garden soils are acceptable but may have peat moss in them already.
Square Foot Gardening is all about simplicity. To mix these soil ingredients just lay out a tarp near your box and roll it back and forth. We happen to be making it on a large scale in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We buy our ingredients in bulk and use a cement mixer. Our peat moss comes from a peat moss farm near Utah Lake and contains natural potassium, phosphate and nitrogen. Our blended compost sources from a local farmer who grows food and raises all kinds of animals. We are in full scale production of Mels' Mix now. Just call 801-427-0563 or visit www.squarefootgardening.com to order your Mels' Mix and get planting right away.

Mels Mix production in Pleasant Grove, Utah

Mels Mix available in 1.5 cubic ft bags

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