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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter Vegies in the Greenhouse

 This is my first attempt to do some winter gardening.  This garden soil (Mels Mix) is about 1 foot deep and waist high in a lean-to greenhouse against the south side of my house. It has doors on either side and my clothes dryer vents into it for periodic additional heat. I have to thank our Grandad for building this when the house belonged to him many years ago. We had thoughts of tearing it down but I'm glad we didn't!

     The weather has been fairly mild for November but nights have gotten into the twenties on some days. On warmer days I make sure to open the doors so it will not get too hot for some of these cool weather vegies. In the foreground above is a tomato plant I uprooted from my outdoor garden back before the frosts came. So far, it's doing very well with some fruit on it. We'll see how long it lasts as it  loves the hot weather. Next are cool weather lovers, Kale,several varieties of lettuce, spinach and cilantro.  Since I had the space,I figured why not bring in my potted flowers too!


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