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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Super Foods in the Garden: Kale and Parsnip

   This is my first time planting kale and I put in 4 per square.  I actually have become more familiar with it of late and like the taste.It is a very nutritious leafy vegetable that is easy to grow. it seems to keep its flavor longer then lettuce  in the heat.  I have added it to green smoothies salads and sandwiches.  The flavor is mild like spinach. .

Parsnips are a very nutritious root vegetable. The root vegetables are the most nutritious ones of all like carrots , beets and turnips. They take a little longer than the  carrot to grow but they are larger. They are delicious roasted With seasonings like schilling's MontrĂ©al chicken. I planted 9 per square. The parsnips are in the foreground left below.

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