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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peas are up!

My peas have been up since yesterday.  It looks like the 8 seeds per square foot have almost all germinated. I have sprayed them lightly with a hose for the past two weeks every few days, and been grateful for any rain that supplements that. We are having a very mild Spring so my buckets are out now by my boxes, each holding 5 gallons of sun-warmed water. Since I planted the peas all on one side of my box,  I will install my vertical trellis next to that side as they get bigger so they can cling to it.   and by the way...my chives and spinach are bushy and ready to harvest.

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  1. Belinda- Aaron's aunt just forwarded us an email about you teaching some classes and getting filmed....it was funny to open the email and find your name :) HAppy to see you on BYUTV today- :) sharla