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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Feed Your Garden Naturally With Compost

When your vegetables don't seem to be growing much they probably need a little compost. Compost is your plants food. It contains the nutrients for robust growth. Compost should consist of many different ingredients. They don't have to cost anything and are right in your backyard or kitchen. You can start with a bucket under your kitchen sink, on the back porch, or a pile in your yard. I have found that expensive compost containers really don't work as well as a simple pile. There are 4 M's that apply to composting: Mix, Mash, Moisten and Move. Mix the ingredients around, Mash or chop them into small pieces, Keep your pile moist and move or turn it often. The more you turn it the sooner you will have ready compost. Start your pile with DRY grass clippings, leaves, dirt, add some commercial compost; from the kitchen, lettuce cuttings, banana peels, any type of vegetable waste. Your compost is ready to use when it has broken down to a dark mixture that doesn't have anything recognizable in it. Place some compost around the base of your plant, no need for digging it in. When you water it the nutrients will sink in to your plants roots and it will perk right up.

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