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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Composting & Watering

We held a square foot gardening class this past week at the American Fork Library. It was very well attended. Some seasoned gardeners attended and shared some ideas that I am going to implement. Compost is easy to make and hard to find. You most likely have all the components needed in your own yard for a great compost. Save grass clippings and let them dry out then add them to a compost pile. I bought a big black compost bin at Costco last year, thinking it would work better, but it doesn't. I've gone back to a regular pile in the corner of the yard. If you don't have a corner, use a bucket on the back porch. Moving it often and keeping it damp is essential. Save all the leaves in the fall from your trees. They are my favorite compost ingredient. A man at the class said he fills a black trash bag with his leaves every year and keeps it for two years. He doesn't even move it! By the end of two years it is a black, lush fine compost! Just keep doing it and you'll soon have a supply of a ready to go nutrient filled compost! Here's a watering idea that was shared for square foot gardens. Coil a soaker hose around in a 4x4 box. Elevate the hose in several places with small rocks and the water will go twice as far.

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