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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sweetness in the Garden

I sure like to grow sweet fruits in the garden.  They just top off any meal and sastify that sweet craving with no guilt.Raspberries can be grown in a Square Foot Garden bed that's 10-12 inches deep and be sure to devote the whole bed to them as they like to sprawl. They are perennial which means they will grow and produce year after year. There is some pruning that should be done in the early spring. Leave the branches long but thin them out by cutting some of them down to the ground . These berries bear in the early and late summer and fall. If we don't eat them fresh on cereal or in a fruit salad, I freeze them to pop into fruit smoothies or make raspberry syrup. 

Another favorite sweet treat in my garden in the krenshaw melon. It is similar to the cantelope but larger and  more sweet and juicy.Since it is a vining plant, I grew these with a trellis support that I placed outside my garden box. The plant adapts to the weight of its fruit and the vines grow thicker to support it. Since it was suspended in the air, it fell off the vine when it turned ripe. It also smelled fruity and although mine didnt this time,it may have bugs on it as they know its ready to eat! Like all melons, it is a summer crop and sensitive to the first frost.



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