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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Call me a Master Gardener!

Last November I received my Master Gardener certificate with the Utah State University extension service. Almost every county has this program for regular people like you and me to take advantage of. The program is basically for people who love gardening, digging in the dirt,and even weeding. Its for those who know a lot about making things grow and enjoy sharing their knowledge with neighbors and community. It took about a full year for me to complete the process but can take a less or a longer amount of time. The work included attending several horticulture lecture sessions and labs as well as 40 hours of volunteer service. The instructors were experts in their fields and included the county AG agents. They and a student intern compiled a very nice thick binder of great information and reference for each student to keep. My favorite topic was of course vegetable gardens. I felt pretty confident in that area! My favorite lab was visiting the grounds at Temple Square in Salt Lake City. It takes a small army(and a lot of blue nitrogen) to keep the vast amount of living things healthy and beautiful there. One of the important things I have been taught through the program is how to research.My instructors warned me that my neighbors will think as a master gardener, I will know the answer to everything. That is a scary thought. Thankfully, I do know now where to find answers and hopefully can be of help to them and also have more knowledge to share with my Home Gardens To Go customers.(Photos are of Temple Square See more photos here)

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  1. Congratulation! Yup,I get the "your a Master Gardener" do you know ?????! Lol I tell them I don't know it all. I have the connections to find the information they need.