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Friday, January 4, 2013

NEW! SFG Answer Book

I am really excited about the new Square Foot Gardening Answer book that is now available! Mel's original book has sold over 2 million copies and is the largest selling gardening book of all time. Last year, Mel's publisher asked him to write another book to answer some of the questions that have accumulated over the years to give readers even more specifics about the method. Several months ago,Mel asked me and other SFG certified instructors to contribute to this book. I offered some of the questions I had received in my many years of teaching this delightful way of gardening. Some examples are, "Since the plants are all near to each other in a SFG is there a problem with cross pollination?", "How do plants thrive in 6" of soil?", "Can I put my SFG on grass?" The answers to these and many other questions can really improve your SFG experience and promote greater success. A review of the book is available here
(Right)Mel Bartholomew and Me

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