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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Garden Feast

I had been saving some recipes just waiting for the right time to try them. One was carmelized beets with garlic.  I like to grow beets in my SFG. The tender greens on them are delicious and before harvesting the actual beet I will cut a few off and more will continue to grow. I just got a really good recipe for pickled beets from my neighbor which I will probably try next season. I plant 9 garlic per square in the Fall. It is ready to harvest in the summer when most of the  tops have browned. I keep the tops on and hang them upside down in my basement storage room for two weeks for the flavor to cure. I always save some of my bulbs to plant the next Fall. I separate the cloves and plant one at a time. I've made fried zucchini many times but I dont think I had ever used cornmeal as a coating.  Just mix some egg and milk,slice a few zucchini and dip then coat with cornmeal and fry in olive oil.  I picked some of my lemon cucumbers that are round and yellow and taste like  ...an ordinary cucumber.  I guess they're named lemon for their color and shape. I chopped them up and added 1T of mayo and fresh dill.  My garden feast all came from my SFG except for the olive oil and cornmeal. It was delicious !

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