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Monday, June 11, 2012

A Small Covering for Seedlings

Someone tipped me off on this handy product she found at Big Lots. Its a small collapsible tent designed to cover your picnic food dishes from insects. They cost about $2 each.  I had a feeling these could come in handy so I went and bought some.  Sure enough, the size was almost an exact fit over a 12" square in my garden.  My tender seedlings had been disappearing and I couldn't figure out why.  I gently poked around the base of the plant to look for cut worms which had appeared in my garden in past seasons but saw no sign of any.  They do their damage at night and sleep in the day right around the plant base so they are easy to find and dispose of.  My cherry tree has been attracting the birds of late and I had a suspicion that they may be eating my seedlings.  I placed my new found protectors over the seedlings that seemed to be the most tempting to the birds; cucumbers,squash,beans,peppers and melons.   Now the seedlings have gotten large enough to hold their own and not be completely gobbled up!

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