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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Harvesting the Cool Weather Crops-Spinach

I've been harvesting spinach for a few weeks now.  I keep a small pair of scissors right in my Square Foot Garden box so they are always handy.  I use the scissors to cut the outer leaves of my spinach plants. This is better than clipping off the entire plant because it will actually keep producing for weeks.  In fact, after the first trimming, the plant will quickly put on even healthier leaves.  There are other crops that you can harvest this way as well such as chard, leaf lettuces, beet tops (greens), cilantro, and parsley. Bring your freshly clipped spinach into the house and wash it well. Mel's Mix as our garden soil makes washing easy because the soil does not stick to the leaves like heavier soils do. Put your washed spinach into a ziploc bag.  It is so fresh that it will stay edible for at least two weeks in your frig.

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