Hi! I'm Belinda, a Square Foot Gardener and a Certified Instructor of the Square Foot Gardening method. I am also the Head of Operations at Square Foot Gardening.Com and a Master Gardener with the Utah State University extension.
Square Foot Gardening is by far the most hassle free way to grow food. Read on and see why!

Friday, March 13, 2009

All the tools you need for Box Gardening

At Home Gardens To Go, we supply all of your needs for a successful box garden. We follow the techniques and guidelines from the Square foot gardening method. We provide a 4' by 4' box just the right soil already mixed for you! There's no guess work involved.
Forget about building a box and searching for the right soil ingredients. We can provide all of that for you for a lower price than you can buy it yourself. We serve Utah along the Wasatch front. Read more at homegardenstogo.com


  1. I'm Janine Green's daughter and she gave me your site. I was wondering if you know any places where I can just buy the nylon netting. I've been on Mel Bartholemew's website and they don't have any in stock. I need to purchase enough netting to make 7 trellises (35 feet total). Any information would be great.

  2. Check Walmart. They have 5'x 8' netting for around $3.

  3. The white nylon netting with the 4in. openings is harder to find. In Utah County, a nursery called "Cooks" stocks them. I also sell them.